Vaishya (Devanagari:वैश्य,Vaiśya, also spelled as Vaisya,Vysya and sometimes called as Vāṇika), is one of the four varnas (social order) of Hinduism. According to Vedic tradition, this tribe primarily comprises farmers, cattle-herders and artists. In Hindu beliefs, the duties of a Vaishya, as described by Hindu God Krishna, are krishi (growing food grains), goraksha (cow protection), vanijyam (trade), vaisya karma (work) and svabhavajam (born of his own nature).

The Vaishya Samaj has progressed remarkabely in last two decades and very well placed across the world

The success stories have changed the mindset of other communities considering Vaishya(Baniya) being engaged in just mercantile. No need to mention the Vaishya Community is shining in all fields and emerging among the fastest growing community.


  • To develop co-operation among the Vaishya brothern, and for overall development of the the Community.
  • To publish literature/souvenirs in order to develop sense of co-operation.
  • Bringing awareness to protect the environment i.e. our planet.
  • To provide free consulting and to assist young generation to be more employable.
  • To publish list of Samaj youths ready for marriage (both boys and girls).
  • To celebrate birth anniversaries of our great leaders, personalities of the Samaj and organizing atleast one major event in last week of December most suitable in all respects.
  • To motivate community members to donate for various noble causes like helping poor and the needy in various forms to uplift their lives.
  • To arrange seminars, convocations, sports activities for the overall development of the young boys and girls of the Samaj.
  • To work for the fulfillment of the objectives of the Samaj and to work towards development of a healthy nation.